About The Game

Could you even imagine an internet without cats? It would look like a set of silly videos and boring information. There would not be any joy or cuteness. Cats are the creatures that bring us happiness. What else does bring us happiness? Of course, earning money. Stalliongaming casino game development group also thinks like that therefore they have joint two things in one perfect combo - Catsino. It is an ultimate version of slot games with the sweet cat characters on the reels. You will love these incredible kitties not only because they are appealing, but also because you might make a lot of money thanks to appealing kitties.

All those kitty characters will remind you about your sweet childhood. Funny and stubborn Tom, beautiful and lovely Molly and other cat characters arranged in a specific pattern will earn you a lot of prizes. Moreover, the most exciting part of the slot games, its beauty is the wild cards, which double or triple the gain are also presenting in Catsino. Big fat bossy cat character is the wild card of this great game, which will help you to increase your profit. Comfortable design and interface of the game make gambling very easy and entertaining. You can manually hit the button, play the casino game and pick bonuses or you can switch to autoplay mode and stop whenever you want. 

Moreover, which makes gambling more thought-provoking is that the player can customize his wins and build the strategy of moves by playing with fewer paylines. The logic behind Catsino is that all winning scores will be multiplied with the number of paylines. These create freedom for the player to diversify and secure, or vice versa leverage his gain. And of course, kitties are always an object of affection, which everyone adores and loves. So let your love make you money!