According to reports, the third main app category among all of them is game apps. And the top mobile game which is the most popular among game lovers is Candy Crush Saga. As the mobile gaming industry is developing more people are investing in that industry. In this article, we have collected some top mobile gaming companies for you. The main word that describes mobile gaming today is portability. Today more devices offer a wide variety of games to players. The snake was one of the first games which have created a vast number of game players. As time has passed, we have seen more complex and advanced games.

According to Newzoo, approximately 45 percent of revenue in the gaming industry is coming from game development companies. Additionally, by 2020, the mobile game industry will reach $95 billion global market size. As you can see, the gaming industry is increasing, and it indicates more rapid smartphone game development than other gaming industries. All new technologies, including hardware and software developments, 5G plays an essential in that growth. Between 2019 and 2022, the mobile game market is going to grow by about 9 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate). PC gaming is going to slow down its growth compared to mobile gaming. According to statistics, the main reason behind the gaming industry development is game purchases, advertisements, and in-app purchases. Players can access mobile games through three central operating systems which are Apple's IOS, Windows, and Android. 


top mobile gaming companies

Microsoft games studies worth around $1.05 trillion and share price is $140.77. It is one of the game development companies that offer a wide range of games including mobile devices as well. Now Microsoft operates its Xbox Game Studios. The game studious contains 15 independent studios that have rebranded in February 2019. Now Microsoft possesses Halo, Age of Empires, Minecraft, and Kung Fu Chaos studies as well. According to Xbox Game Studios, 2019 will be a fantastic year for game lovers. They are going to lunch exciting games such as the Will of the Wisps, Gears 5 and Ori, Crackdown 3. These games will be available for Xbox Game worldwide members. 

Xbox Game Studios has developed a lot in the past few years. Microsoft has made a significant investment in the gaming studious and has given the game design companies time to focus on the quality of their products. Now studios are working hard to expand their portfolios to entice game lovers.

About Project XCloud

Game studios will shift to mobile gaming through xCloud. The Project started in 2018, and since then it has developed a lot. It is the cloud gaming project which will be the complimentary service for Xbox and forthcoming Scarlett project. With the help of this cloud gaming platform, players will be able to transfer their gaming experience to their compatible devices over the internet. 

However, the idea is not a new one in the gaming industry. Recently, Playstation has offered its audience a similar experience called PS4. And it is not the only one which has introduced its own cloud experience for gamers. Google also is working on the development of its cloud gaming platform, which is Stadia. Nvidia is already in the testing phase of its platform called GeForce project. However, Microsoft believes that its cloud gaming platform offers a unique advantage over other game design companies. The uniqueness is about the high diversity of games as there will be over 3.000 Xbox games, including PC games. 

Additionally, Microsoft possesses one of the largest data centers around the world. When we combine those data centers with the company's Azure cloud servers, their new platform will successfully ensure game requests locally. It will decrease the distance between users and data centers and eventually will reduce the latency. Latency is the biggest enemy of game development companies. It adds milliseconds actions and button clicks. For us, it may not sound like a big issue. However, if we consider those milliseconds in gaming, they are vital. Consider you press the button to kill your enemies and milliseconds could prevent you from killing them. If Microsoft can manage to solve the latency problem in the games, we are sure that it could be the winner in the gaming industry. 

Does that mean other game consoles will be defunct?

We want to mention that xCloud will not replace other game consoles. Microsoft claims that the Project will be a different kind of service. Initially, it will be available only for Xbox members and also for Scarlett. Later, it will be available on phones, set-top-boxes, tablets, TVs, etc. If you have a device and an internet connection, you will have access to the cloud. According to Microsoft, they are going to make it available for the ones who cannot have access to the gaming hardware. Their primary purpose is to provide console-quality games for mobile phones. 

The Project plans to host hundreds of games on Xbox game studios. It will include sets from Xbox One and also from Xbox 360. At the same time, Microsoft added that they would be able to add more games from back catalogs. And their advantage is that they will not need to change and adapt those games for work. If the games work on Xbox One, they will be okay on the cloud as well. xCloud will be able to stream more than 3,500 games. And it requires no modification or change by developers. In other words, developers will adapt the games without the need for additional updates or maintenance. If developers update Xbox One version, those updates will be for all versions for the xCloud Project. It will not require any other work from developers. 

Other than real games, there are approximately 1,900 games that are in the development phase. These games will also be available for the cloud platform. In October Microsoft plans to launch Project xCloud. Now employees are testing the platform in alpha test mode. Every other person will get access starting from October. 


top mobile gaming companies

According to analyst company called Newzoo, Apple is the fourth biggest mobile game development company among top mobile gaming companies. Statistics claim that the App Store has an essential role for Apple to beat other competitors in the market. So far, Apple has earned $2.09 billion from the game industry just for the first quarter of 2018. During 2018, Apple's revenue from gaming was $9.45 billion, which was an 18% increase in 2017's total. The company relies on its initiatives to earn more income from its customers. Its new Project called Apple Arcade will provide access to select titles for a monthly subscription. App Store has started to make more revenue for its developers than Android developers. Statistics indicate that iOS apps make 64% more profit than Google play. 

In March 2019, Apple has launched its new Project called Arcade. The Project is the first game subscription platform for desktop, mobile, and living room. Initially, service offers more than 100 exclusive and new games for players. The company will redefine games based on their creativity, quality, fun, and appeal to players. Users will be able to try any game from their collection of titles without any ad tracking, purchase, and adds. The company states that they will be attentive about the privacy of its players. 

App Store is one of the most brilliant gaming platforms with almost 300.000 both paid and free games. Free games usually contain ads and in-app purchases. However, millions of users still prefer playing games from the App Store. Arcade project will bring simplicity with a single subscription. Now more than one billion customers can get access to games. Arcade will be the best option to complement the famous game catalog of App Store's free games. 

Apple Arcade

Apple does not just select the games from Arcade, but it also helps to the video game programming and development phase of these games. The company works closely with the developers and creators of the games to make them real. We are sure that Apple will manage to entertain its players with the help of incredible and exciting games. The company will feature sets from Snowman, Klei Entertainment, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Mistwalker Corporation, Bossa Studios, the Giant Squid, Annapurna Interactive, and many more top mobile gaming companies. 

According to some industry members, the App Store is the most successful game platform by one of the top mobile gaming companies. Now the company is going to take the games to another level with the coming of the Arcade platform. The platform claims to be the first game service for desktop, mobile, and living room. The game development team of the company is working to develop games that players could play with their iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, and Mac. Arcade games will be the best choice, especially for families who consider user privacy and will not contain any ads or additional purchases. We think almost every gamer will enjoy and prefer Arcade games. 

Apple is planning to offer games that will not be accessible through other mobile platforms or any other subscription services. Users will no longer need to pay for each of the games to play them. A single subscription will be enough to access a set of brand new games. Also, while using the platform, there will be no requirement for additional purchases from users. Players will play each game both online and offline.

Additionally, games will provide gamers with controllers. Because users can access games through their Apple products (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac), they could easily pick up the game where they have left. They can switch the devices and continue playing on other equipment. 

Tencent Holdings

tencent holding

Now we are continuing with one of the most successful top mobile gaming companies, Tencent Holdings. The company is Chinese based, which started its operation in 1998. Main specialization areas include entertainment, artificial intelligence, and technology. We can call the company as one of the top mobile gaming companies around the world. At the same time, the company is famous because of its successful reputation in venture capital and social media. Tencent Holdings provide different kinds of services, including e-commerce, mobile games, social networks, payment systems, music, smartphones, multiplayer games, and web portals. The company owns one of the most successful web portals and instant messenger Tencent QQ. Among the top mobile gaming companies' properties, there are also China's music services. These music services offer services to more than 700 million users and 120 million subscribers. 

At the same time, Tencent Holdings is one of the most innovative top mobile gaming companies. The company has developed today's most played mobile game called PUBG. Recently, the game has won the title of the world's top-grossing mobile game. PUBG offers the battle environment for its players where players battle with virtual weapons to death. According to analysts, the company has made about $76 million profit from Apple's and Google's Play stores. The company's Chinese version of the game called Game For Peace has got $70 million in revenue. The profit gained from PUBG has exceeded the Tencent's previous hit called Honour of Kings. 

PUBG Mobile

Tencent Holdings has created its initial hit called PUBG Mobile. The game has hit the market outside of China for the first time in the history of the company. Game developer from South Korea called Bluehole has developed the game. Initially, the game has 100m users per month which made the PUBG Mobile world's most demanded and popular game. According to several analyses, the company has obliged to rebrand the PUBG Mobile, which gained 160 million players per month. The main reason was about censorship. With the newly rebranded version of PUBG called Game For Peace company has managed to create a less violent game in which more than one player could be the winner. And as we have mentioned, the primary purpose was to gain a commercial license. 

Despite the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile, the main content of the game is still the same. Therefore, the company has managed to keep its players. According to Great Wall Securities, PUBG Mobile is earning more than $160 million per month. On the other hand, the revenue of Game For Peace remains below the monthly profit of Honour of Kings. However, many analysts claim that the Game for Peace is catching up with the Honour of Kings. Last month's data indicates that earning from Game For Peace was only 10 percent below from Honour of Kings. 

Tencent has a healthy kind of marketing strategy for its games. The company benefits from its char app called WeChat and additional app stores to raise some rivals about its games. There are other famous games by Tencent Holdings, and we could mention it. For example, hearthstone and League of Legends are legendary games which made the company one of the top mobile gaming companies. 

Activision Blizzard

top mobile gaming companies

Activision Blizzard is one of those top mobile gaming companies which has many years in the gaming industry. You have probably heard about famous games Candy Crush, and Hearthstone. At the same time, the company has a tremendous reputation because of its PC games. Call of Duty, StarCraft, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch are some of these PC games we all know. Activision Blizzard has an exciting story to transfer its games to mobile devices. According to statistics, the company has developed approximately 20 mobile games, yet canceled them before their launch. The company itself claims that most of their players are mobile gamers. Therefore, their main objective in their games is mobile device users. Now the company is trying to transfer its popular PC games into mobile platforms games. One of these games is Call of Duty. 

Take-Two Interactive company has an excellent portfolio of mobile games. And the company is one of the top mobile gaming companies in the gaming industry. For example, Social Point, which is a famous games studio in Barcelona, is one of the studios of Take-Two Interactive. In May 2019 Social Point has announced that the game studio is going to launch its first puzzle mobile game called World Life. Previously, the company has launched another famous mobile game, including Monster Legends, Dragon City, and Tasty Town. We want to mention that Take-Two Interactive company has managed to create games with advanced graphics and managed to provide and excellent game experience.