Today, you can find a lot of stories about successful results in the field of game development. So why not try yourself in this area? To begin, there are enough rules for unity game development, but we would like to highlight the most important and widespread ones serving you as a guide. What is meant by the phrase of unity game developer? It is a developer who creates games and business applications, which in turn are widely used for advertising campaigns. Game developers are always in the process of designing, testing, refining, supporting, updating, modifying, and many other things needed to improve the game. The main goal of the developers is a competent and modern presentation of the games requested by the customers.

Why we choose Unity?

By serving for almost 25 years, it offers integration of 2D and 3D components with a variety of content development tools like Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max. There is an enormous audience available to use it due to the massive support of existing platforms, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and WebGL. Unity is an indispensable tool necessary to develop applications and software for gaming machines, mobile devices, or PCs. Also, Unity has an extensive API with access to any function like physics or rendering, which makes it easy to interact with other systems and devices. Therefore, because of the flexibility, it can quickly adapt to newly updated conditions as well as compile on any device that is suitable for the customer.

Moreover, the performance of optimal graphics cannot be neglected. For instance, HD rendering pipeline allows you to access high-quality graphics, while Lightweight rendering Pipeline maintains the performance when working with or moving to mobile devices. So, we can say that it is an excellent tool to save development time and reach your final goals as soon as possible.

A key to success

Unity Game Development

A key to the success of the most popular unity games consists of incredible design and some innovations. In the case of casino games, simple design, and proposal of an average of 40-50 games at the beginning is a great advantage. Before starting your project, think of some marketing strategies to ease the whole process afterward. Due to the competitiveness level in the area of the casino, it is quite challenging to achieve popularity and success. Therefore, you need to work hard to beat your competitors in the market. We want to point out some advice for the prosperity of your unity game development in the field of the casino.

Try to define your goals beforehand and gather a team of professionals who will help you in the long journey. Find out the unique points which make you different from other developers and decide what sphere you want to occupy in the casino industry. Indeed, the strategy necessary to gain you a reputable status is an emphasis on the quality of the offered games. 

Also, allow your players to use their preferred device while playing and enjoy high-quality graphics presented in any device. Ultimately, we can say that it is meaningless to engage in this competitive market without effective marketing strategies. There are two ways possible to realize it, including independent engagement in some promotions or giving this task to professionals dealing with this aspect. Again, here you have to analyze your competitors and see which ways they use to promote their services. We can guarantee you a successful ending if you use good marketing techniques to attract serious players who are in love with gambling. Do not forget to manage the effectiveness of each investment during the project timeline.

Tips for unity game development

One of the most critical points in the project is understanding the difference of your project from existing ones. Understand the genre and answer the following questions: Is it something new? Or is it a modern version of some past classic games? After, think about the story of your gameplay. Each game has its own story behind, and you should highlight the story which you want to deliver to your players. What emotions and impression will your game have on the gamers? Which graphics and sound effects will you use? What impression will your game have on the players? What will be its graphic design? Which sound? Try to use hook techniques to keep your player interested from the very beginning of the game and continue playing it. All these points are necessary to write down and analyze before starting your project.

Your team

Developing unity games is not an easy task, and it requires quite of energy and effort. It is better to work with a group, as for one person, it is difficult to engage in such projects realizing both development and content parts. We, as a Stallion Gaming, offer you our services done by a perfect team of professionals specializing in writing codes, drawing graphics, composing music, and many other things necessary for the ideal game. In the case of being involved in game development, you better consider all the circumstances and do not solely rely on luck.

Combination of skills

There are cases, when a person can program in Javascript and PHP, studied scripting in Java and C#, but cannot realize his game ideas just using his programming skills. For the unity game development, it is not enough to be able to program only, as business and marketing strategies are essential to move forward. If you have experience in the field of marketing or online marketing, you can take great advantage of it. The reason is that to understand the commercial value of the product and manage the marketing campaigns are required for the [prosperity of your game.

Finish at least one project

one project

If you finished your first project quickly and perfectly, most probably you did something wrong. Even a professional cannot complete his first project, without getting some bugs or leaving frozen projects in the archive. It is considered normal as we are human beings and always learn from our mistakes. We have some points that can help you during the game development process. Do not throw yourself in extreme conditions, and try to give yourself a real, but a short time for release. This will result in a strong push making you using your time smartly and focus on the result. Then, to not experience lack of sleep and give enough time for your sleep. Of course, it is a good motivator, but you can take risks doing so.

Everybody should take some rest and let his body relax for some amount of time. Create some milestones and cleverly allocate your time. Write down that after 10 hours, you need to make a playable prototype, or after two days, you must have a ready style of your game.

The importance of an interface

The development of a user interface stands in the leading places to achieve the desired result, and it is considered an entire science. Firstly, the interface should be user-friendly and intuitive.  The reason behind this notion is that the user does not have to think, look for something, or memorize the location of existing functions. Also, you should consider the possible differences between a laptop/PC and a mobile device. Obviously, the keyboard serves as a manipulator for computer-based devices, while for mobile devices we have our hands only. For instance, if the player uses his tablet,  buttons necessary to click during the crucial moments must be taken into account and made of impressively visible size. This is one of the reasons leading to the negative impression of the players regarding the games.

The buttons should be located away from the center of the screen so that the player sees the game scene in its full size. Therefore, we can say that each of these control cases requires an individual interface design. The offered game design should not stand as a barrier for the player on the way to realize what a fantastic game you have provided. 

Your budget

As in any other field of development, a unity game development is not an exception and asks for some budget. Stallion Gaming team recommends you to distribute your budget into necessary parts. If you plan to engage in gambling games, note that you will have to pay for the purchase of software and licenses quite a large sum of money. Remember that to provide future users with a quality product, you have to be generous and do not use ways cheap ways to save your money.

We ask you to plan your budget for the year ahead and focus on the possible increased costs during the investment process. Especially, young companies or beginners in this area should remember they can have higher costs to win the trust of their players. When you are done, do not forget to promote your project. As after launching, it is vital to spend some budget on promoting and advertising your game.

Criteria for the software

  • Quality and reliability play an important role in the case of casino games. Therefore, before starting the unity game development in the area of casino games, we advise you to take into account the following characteristics:

  • Game content and language

  • The quality and variety of gambling is a tool to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The regular updates and fixes are necessary to satisfy the needs of your customers and hide trivial flaws. Also, language plays a crucial role here to suit all players speaking different languages.

  • Novelty

  • Your offered games need to be represented in one of the latest versions and comply with the current trends. Apart from this, you should consider the popularity of mobile devices which are more comfortable for players in today's world. In a word, the company should continuously try hard to meet the expectations of modern society.

  • Security

  • As in many other games in the casino games, the security stands in the principal places while choosing the game. The provided games have to have reliable protection against hacking and virus attacks possible during the gameplay. Players pay quite enough attention to this point, especially in the casino games to be sure that their data is protected from outside resources. Stallion Gaming meets all the mentioned criteria and gives you an opportunity to realize your ideas in a more professional and real way.

Impact of your psychology

Unity Game Development

Refactoring and optimization are the final stages of development where you can afford individual edits of the code, functions, and shortcomings of the game. But in practice, we can say that code improvements often begin at the very beginning of development. It is a big mistake to leave them to the final steps. Always try to bring to the end the project that you have started because the abandoned projects can affect your gained reputation. Nowadays, there exist a lot of projects left by developers, despite the effort and money invested. The main reason lies behind the psychology of the developer, and the boredom is a deciding factor here.

Even though the project on which you have been working for years became annoying, do not immediately jump over to a fresh and idea. This will affect your self-esteem and make you think that you are not able to realize even a project for which you have spent your years and nerves. Constantly avoiding problems is not a solution to solve them. Make a promise to finalize your current project despite all the possible troubles. In the end, you learn how to overcome difficulties not only in projects but also life.

Think of balance

In most of the cases, the beginners cannot continue and face failures during the projects because of mistakes related to the skills. Even if your ideas of implementation are manageable, you cannot predict unforeseen. Do not rely on your skills for 100 percent as you can lose in this case. You will probably think that we ask you to underestimate yourself. However, we try to show the cruel reality and ask you to assess your skills in a sober manner. Do not overestimate your self-esteem, and you will not be disappointed at the end. Then, what to do and how to avoid such real cases of losing?

Firstly, try to improve and strengthen your weak sides. Develop your skills in a non-stop regime and always look for ways to better your knowledge regarding appropriate sphere. In a word, do not deceive yourself and try to make progress in growing and going forward.

Be ready for the project launch

When all the steps and stages are done, it is time for your hobby to turn into a good source of income. Every developer should understand that he worked hard not just for a few players to choose his game, but for real success in unity game development. But before, do not forget to develop and do a project every day. If you want to see your game in the list of favorite ones, it is necessary to continually work and add some code to the game every single day.

Furthermore, do not try to get beyond your limits due to the possible failures. We can underline that even if you want to be distinctive, do not try to make 50 types of enemies and thousands of levels. Try to focus on the realization of the players' capabilities and think before adding any feature.



We can say that any project consisting of a great game development team working on it requires some sacrifices from the participants. In our case, the development of computer games is a matter for specialists from many various areas. Therefore, everyone should cohesively perform their duties to minimize the total sacrifices.

After you are done with the development stages,  you should thoroughly test the game. It is better to check your game with the maximum number of people on the maximum number of devices. Do not spoil your game with some missed bugs and gain unsatisfied customers immediately after the launch. To save your time and millions of nerve cells of your colleagues, we ask you to learn everything in detail related to your game before starting its development. As a StallionGaming team, we are always ready to give you some tricks and help you realize your ideas related to the unity game development.