Technological advancement comes along with a bunch of changes to our lives. People wasted months traveling from one destination of the world to another one. Now, they could rule the entire universe with just one touch. Thus, technological innovation and the age of globalization have changed the whole existence irrevocably. It is a fact that the gaming industry has taken its share from this occurrence. As a result, the gaming business, along with video games starts to evolve rapidly. Each year, game development studios introduce new consoles and innovative games with unique designs. This massive improvement in the gaming sector has shifted all the rules of the business world. 

In old times, people always dreamt about becoming a film star or a famous singer. In today's world, you don't need an innate talent for gaining millions. If you want to be wealthy and famous, you should begin to play video games.

Video games are the new stars of the entertainment world now. It yields billions of dollars to both users and shareholders in the last few years. More precisely, the gaming business has started to bring more profit rather than the music and film industries. It is a fact that Hollywood has always had a fascinating charm. However, it is not a profitable sector, as the gaming industry anymore. Research on the comparison of the movie premieres and game launches makes everything clear. For instance, the premiere of the Avengers: Infinity War could achieve $257,698 last year. Meanwhile, game development studios launched Grand Theft Auto V, which generated $817,5 million within 24 hours. The growing popularity of the gaming industry results in the emergence of new game development companies in the market. Despite the highest number of development companies, not all of them can follow game development steps meticulously.

Los Angeles as the Center of the Game Industry

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It is not surprising that Los Angeles, in the center of the Silicon Beach boom, is one of the best places for gaming. Meanwhile, the number of users is increasing; game development studios are evolving in this city. This progress makes Los Angeles synonyms of video game development. Despite a little-known fact, the official name of Los Angeles is the City of Los Angeles. But, most people know this city by its monogram L.A. Los Angeles is the most crowded city of California and the second one in the United States of America. By population and popularity, it is following New York City. The people of the city is about four million and is growing day by day. Becoming a cultural, economic, and entertainment center of California influence this factor. Moreover, climate condition and location of the city is converting it to the expansive metropolis.

Los Angeles plays one of the most significant engine roles in the economy of the United States of America. The city is improving based on a dynamic and diverse economy with a great variety of commercial and lucrative sectors. There is no need to emphasize that the Hollywood factor makes L.A. the home of the global entertainment industry. However, the world doesn't call it an entertainment center only because of its fascinating movies. As a dynamic city, L.A. has become a center of the gaming industry and favorite place of players. Both Playstation and E.A. accept this city as a home. It is the center of gaming sessions and festivals which can attract millions of players in a short period. Therefore, it is impossible to prevent the growing number of game development studios in L.A. Hence, Los Angeles has already hosted thousands of top game development companies. 

What is Game Development Studios?

There are a lot of game development studios that try to evolve like other production houses all over the world. Almost all of them would like to attract attention and satisfy the targeted audience. Various factors such as hardware system, cutting-edge technology, market research, software solutions, and much more carry high importance for these studios. On the other hand, these game developers need to compete with their opponents by designing different kinds of games such as casino games, online slots, video games, etc. Each of them should have unique and sophisticated features for becoming successful. However, delivering impressive performance is not as easy as it sounds. There are a plethora of game development steps that they need to fulfill adequately. It covers understanding and implementing the ideas of customers, video game testing, ensuring bug- free performances, and so on. 

All studios need a senior team for applying these steps. Keep in mind that the development team should consist of professional members in their fields. But, game development such as unity game development, strategy game development requires basic abilities that each member of the team should demonstrate. It can include creative, necessary computer skills, market research, etc. Furthermore, it is desirable if experts in the game team are capable of drawing and designing through multiple programs. These are mainly technical skills that we expect from a successful development team. Besides, attributes such as communication, cooperation, and collaboration are more complex and essential factors for any team. 

The Main Features of Game Development Studios

As mentioned before, there are many game studios around the world. Unfortunately, not all of them can sustain their success and productivity for a long time. Do not forget that the gaming industry is a volatile and progressive sector. Therefore, competing and surviving here is one of the most challenging missions. Besides rivaling with other companies, they need to follow the latest trends and fulfill game development steps properly. Thus, selecting the best game development studio is time- consuming and challenging task. But, there are basic features that will assist you in this process. 

Software Solutions

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It is a fact that the primary goal of video game programming is to design the best one. Each stage of the developing process from beginning to end is significant on this matter. Multiple prototypes, projects, and plans emerge and go to the trash though game development steps. Accomplished game development company achieves a rapid progression. They begin testing and debugging based on unbiased reviews and feedback of customers. The end of this process is the final test of the performance, successful launching, and marketing campaign by the team. Keep in mind that the main aim is to achieve KPIs. The abbreviation KPIs stands for key performance indicator, which is the determiner of the outcome of the game. Game development studios should wipe out products that cannot achieve KPI goals. However, not all studios have the courage for it. Moreover, game studios can try to reestablish these projects. 

However, it will result in more time and financial resources consuming. Therefore, shutting down the project is more rational and right decision. Otherwise, only one unsuccessful game can ruin all reputation and prestige of the company. Instead, game studios can start new pages with more innovative projects and continue to support existing games. The game team can reach rapid and remarkable progression by running the ever-improving internal structures. Focusing on the internal structure enables the team to hit the desirable outcomes. They can achieve it through feedback and reviews both internally and externally. According to statistics, 90% of the project which established based on elaborate evaluation and review could reach KPI goals. Moreover, it is a fact that 76% of the games become unsuccessful before debugging process based on the reviews. Therefore, one of the essential features of the game development studios is to take criticism seriously.

Playing of the Video Games

Could you imagine a game development team whose members do not like to play games like video slots or casino games? It surely sounds ridiculous. Another significant issue is that they play their design or not. Only if the games are not exciting, their developers will not practice them. It is sometimes difficult to play games, especially in the first stages of the establishment. The project is still buggy, and there are lots of deficiencies before the final product. However, running games before launching helps to eliminate most of the errors.

Moreover, it assists in developing unique features that will satisfy users. It is a fact that personal experience is better than a bunch of feedback and reviews. It does not mean that the design team does not take into consideration others' criticisms. Yet user experience as a developer will bring many more advantages. 

Compact Teams vs. Large Teams 

Just like other business sectors, there are two types of design teams in a game development company. While one of them is a large team, another one is a small or compact team. As you have already assumed, it is more challenging to manage a large group. When the number of members is rising, communication in the company is getting harder. At the same time, a large team structure requires more meetings for discussion and decision-making. More sessions mean more waste of time when designers can develop multiple games. As a result, a broad group approach does not work for the game development studios. You need a smaller development team for establishing successful projects. Small groups which mainly called compact teams can deliver high-quality and professional services. Each member of the team will care about the quality of their job instead of wasting time in assemblies. 

Thus, compact teams lead to a bug or error-free game development process. The main reason behind it is that members of large teams focus on only their portion. Therefore, they often fail to notice how their product complies with the entire game. However, the initial success of the company is related to the context of the team rather than its size. In other words, the size of the game development team can vary based on the project and company. Thus, the best game development studios establish right-sized teams. It can be tiny in the beginning but can expand over time. Or the company can start with a large team but eliminate some members when there is no need. Studio owners sometimes can change the members of the group without modifying its size. Hence, there is no fixed size or number of members who suit all of the game development teams.

Members of Game Development Teams 

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Generally, the top game development studios establish a design team that consists of only professionals. In other words, they start the gaming business with members who have considerable background and experience. Typically, the group consists of four to six experts. However, this number can rise ten even fifteen members based on the progress. The growing team is so normal situation and can support higher achievements. However, the team should expand through need-based requirements. There are various researches that claim that increasing team size can prevent evolvement. Therefore, game studios should recruit new members elaborately.

Free Decision - Making Factor

It is a fact that any team which can make their decision will have more freedom and motivation to produce. The free decision making factor is also significant in the gaming industry. Therefore, top game development studios enable their design tea to make their own decision. In this situation, the members of this team will take responsibility for their choices. Both freedom and responsibility factor can lead to more successful outcomes at the end. It is a fact that developing a game is enough challenging task. Pressure on the team members will result in a lack of motivation and creativity. Thus, instead of eliminating the right of members for decision-making, it empowers them to feel precious. 

On the other hand, when a team has decision-making freedom related to their job, they can commit themselves to the project. In other words, they feel more connected with the project through their own decisions. Thus, they can hit established goals more quickly. On the other hand, this factor helps the development of decision-making. It is apparent when people know that their decisions will produce the last outcomes, they watch out more. Lastly, a game development team with free decision-making right has a chance to learn multiple approaches such as strategy game development or casino game development. The right decisions require in-depth analysis and taking responsibility. These approaches help members to improve themselves in the workplace. 

Result of Free Decision - Making

It is not a surprise that establishing an environment in which the design team can fail will cost more for the company. Most of the game development studios do not want to execute this experiment. Yet, they need to believe in their teams and let them learn through practical experience. At the same time, not letting the group make their own decisions can risk the performance of the developers negatively. They will not feel ownership of the product that they are developing. 

Mobile Game Development 

In today's world, mobile devices have become successful enough to attract the attention of the gaming world. When the topic is playing games, we cannot underestimate the importance of smartphones. According to the statistics, mobile game development stands for 51percent of the global profit of the gaming industry. Console games with 25% and P.C. games with 24% gain chase it. As you have already known, mobile game development has become one of the most profitable branches. Therefore, most of the business holders require game studios the best mobile games. On the other hand, these games facilitate everything for the players. Thus they can enjoy their favorite games anywhere by their smartphones. 

Researching The Market

market research

Yet it is not easy to yield money in the game sector. In other words, not all mobile game platforms will be able to bring you revenue. Additionally, you cannot design a similar version of successful games for a considerable profit. Therefore, game development studios need to apply elaborate market research before any decision. Only after it, you can convert your ideas into reality. At the same time, there is an enormous variety of mobile games such as online slots, unity games, etc. Thus, you need to cooperate with a game studio that can deliver all of them with a reasonable budget. 

Besides different types, there are particular features that the top game development studios will be capable of delivering. For instance, mobile game development should support multiple operating systems through various brands. In other words, game studios have to provide their customers with popular networks such as IOS game development or Android game development. At the same time, players can run multi-platform games such as unity games, strategy games through their mobile devices. Hence, the top game studios should offer all these factors for satisfying their customers.