The gaming industry has become more lucrative than ever. Statistically, 80% of all gamers use Android devices to access their games. Millions of people enjoy various forms of exciting mobile games. Multiplayer function, real-time strategy games, high-quality graphic visuals ensure the best gaming experience for the players. Besides, the Android game design involves an extensive focus on compatibility, consistency, and smooth performance. It is not surprising that so many people prefer Android devices. 

If you have any engaging gaming idea, you can realize your dream now. I created this article for the people who have less knowledge in Android game programming and need guidance. Hence, I am going to explain to you the different advantages and drawbacks of Android games. Then you will get familiar with the 7 seven simplified processes of game development. Lastly, I will share some best practices in the industry with you. 

Benefits and Challenges of Android Game Design

Before we start the steps needed for Android game development, I want to explain its benefits and challenges. It is not a coincidence that almost 80% of gamers are using Android devices. This stunning result is achieved thanks to the vast advantages that Android provides for game developers and designers. However, you should also consider challenges before starting the process.


One of the common benefits of the Android game design is that it is familiar with popular programming languages. Android Software Development Kit and Native Development Kit allow usage of those popular languages. As a result, top mobile game developers and designers who know Java and C++ can easily and quickly start creating the game.

Besides, the platform also offers constant updates. These updates open new possibilities in android game programming. Android also provides various sensor options. Hence, you can build different control of a game. 

Enhanced UX

android game design

User Experience is the #1 factor that leads to the success of a new game. One of the elements that enhance UX is Multimedia components in the game. Specifically, the ones that involve live and sharable features are making the game more attractive to gamers. The android game design supports the usage of multimedia considerably. Therefore, it is a great domain to build your game.

Another element that makes android game design user-friendly is its ability to connect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IDEN, LTE, etc. instantly. As a result, you can build a multiplayer game and ensure they the game process will not be interrupted.

The android game design also supports virtual-reality features and dynamic gesture control. It also allows OpenGL to create 2D and 3D graphics. Hence, the games created in this platform have outstanding visual quality that attracts more and more gamers. 


You might create an exciting game. However, its success will also depend on time-to-market. It will be risky if distributing your game through different channels takes much time. The reason is that there are many competitors, and they can win if they act first. In these terms, Android game design is advantageous. The idea is that the app submitting process takes less time in the Android market. Besides, you can even share the game in your channels like a website without prior review and approval of Google Market. In competitive industries, such type of feature is a huge benefit. If approval takes much time, competitors can act first and the company can lose the window for time-to-market. For instance, online casino industry has a very fierce competition. Wasting time for bureaucratics like reviewing or approvals can be the biggest disadvantage. Launching on different channels immediately ensures that people enjoy exciting games instantly. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the challenges you might face with Android game development. Despite its vast benefits, you and your team should be ready to overcome those difficulties.

Vast Features

Competition is fierce among Android games. To stand out among the competition, you need to focus on various issues. Android offers extensive features to build a set. For instance, the game that you create should consist best of those elements. Device’s local functionality and external environment should interact smoothly to craft engaging experiences for users. 

Android has a vast range of hardware configurations. If you want to access a vast customer base, your game should be compatible with the maximum of those configurations. However, you might get confused about which setting to adjust. For instance, Android game designers usually work with chips like Tegra and Snapdragon. However, the problem is that many devices, including LTE handsets, favor Snapdragon more. Therefore, it might be challenging to create a game that provides the same performance across different chips- graphics processors.  

Attracting Gamers

uninterrupted performance

As we said before, there are hundreds of games on the Android platform. Nowadays, it is tough to come up with the idea that it has never been applied. Think about Storyline. With an engaging storyline, gamers get involved more quickly. However, anything that you can imagine, including fantasy, management, racing, or war- is already done. You should spend a lot of time to think of a story that will differentiate your game from others. 

While Android offers excellent features, you still need to keep the game simple. I am not saying you should create a basic game. I believe that your game should be easy to understand and navigate no matter its difficulty level. It is especially important if you have ideas for online casino games. People choose this type of games for having fun pastime. Spending time to figure out the rules can be annoying for them. A punter who cannot understand rules can lose money. Hence, they will leave the game immediately. After all, there are many other options for them.

7 Step Game Development Process

Having a great engaging idea is the central element for success. However, you need to make sure that the development process of the game works smoothly. It is necessary for launching the game on time and within your budget. All members of the team, including project managers, developers, designers, testers, and leaders, should work together in harmony to create the best gaming experience. 

1. Prior Estimation 

During the first, game development company sketches major elements and estimates their costs. Those estimations rely on the ideas and specifications made by the client. After the clients review and approve them, the company can move to the analysis part. There exist four necessary elements that they focus on.

  • The first one is the requirements. The person in charge analyses the client’s specifications thoroughly. Then he creates the list of specific components needed. Based on these requirements, later the designers craft storyboard or script. 

  • The second part is the resource analysis. It is when the company checks its available resources, including the number of staff, needed skills, tools, and software, for the full process. 

  • As they become more sure about the estimations, the next step involves scope analysis. Scope focuses on the limits of the Android game design process. All types of configurations, such as project-specific or target devices, are considered for building an error-free game performance. 

  • Of course, we could not finalize this stage without mentioning the risks. All types of projects involve risk analysis, including game development. It is a crucial stage because the developing team knows what kind of problems can occur. Based on this, they develop prior solutions. 

2. Game Design Elements

Game design steps include Architectural structure, database, and class design, together with User Interface Flow and Game mechanics. The clients review documents for all these phases and approve them. Game designers gather all their ideas and create various characters, assets. These elements are raw and unpolished. The designer collects these game art services in a document. They also include 2D images from the game elements. Then the client reviews it. The game elements must obey the requirements of the client. After the approval again, the creative team moves to the development phase. 

In the Art Development step, designers develop and polish previously created elements. They engage in various processes including texturing, animating, unwrapping, or adding visual effects. Many different tools are available for those processes like ZBrush or Adobe Photoshop. Those tools allow designers to create stunning visuals. As a result, gamers enjoy real-life graphics. 

3. Core Development of Android Game Design

core development

Now it is time for the most significant stage of Android game programming. Team members collect and utilize needed tools and suitable engines. In this stage, they turn the idea into reality. Do not forget that communication with the client in this stage is very crucial. Game building company shares details with the client and receive feedback. Then they adjust their process based on comments. Otherwise, the final version of the game can be very different from what the client requested. Besides, in this phase, programmers work extensively on coding and bug fixing. 

4. Polishing 

As its name suggests, polishing is all about adding final touches. These touches eliminate any sharp points about the game and increase its playability. As a result, the game has high-quality visibility, stunning performance, and enhanced user experience. Before releasing the game, developers need to allocate time to polish the game. They should ensure that users get the best performance from the game. This process involves the full team, including designer, artist, developer, and product managers, to finalize the polishing step. 

There exist three areas that polishing targets:

  • Development- it is all about technical and engineering-related points such as optimization or code refinement. The main aim is to upgrade the playability of the game through smooth, uninterrupted and error-free gaming. 

  • Art- by focusing on User Interface, animations, and graphics, art polishing ensures high-quality visual effects. It can be a strategic advantage if done correctly. Besides, artists should ensure that their art feels the same through different devices.

  • Design- design does not end during the production stage. Designers need to review and improve their game flow, game economy, or metagame improvement even in the polishing stage. Only in this way, they can provide the impeccable game app. 

5. QA and Testing

Another crucial point for the success of Android game development is Quality Assurance and testing. Android offers very different devices such as mobiles, tablets, TVs, or consoles. Their screen size and features are varying a lot. Hence, QA should ensure that the game provides the same gaming experience through all devices. Usually, the Android game design company makes extensive video game testing using various combinations of user behaviors. They check the performance, compatibility, experience, and consistency of the game. Also, they use Beta testing to understand gamer tastes and their comments. Usually, they release the game to a part of the target audience. Later, they adjust new ideas and feedback of users to the game. 

6. Launching


The team developed, polished, and tested the game. They changed the game features based on client and user comments. Now it is time to release the game to a global customer base finally. Launching stage involves publishing the new game in a platform where gamers can access it. This platform can be the Google Play Store or the website of the client. Game development is advantageous because you do not need to wait for Google to review and approve the game. You can immediately launch the game on your platform. 

7.Post-Support and Maintenance

If you think you are done with the game development, you are wrong. After publishing the game, you need to make some updates. It includes adding new features or maintaining the game for continuous smooth performance. If you work with a professional Android game design company like Stallion Gaming, the process is much more comfortable. It is because the company will provide any support needed. They follow the latest trends, and customer preferences to adjust the game periodically. With their assistance, you ensure the best gaming experience for your gamers. 

Best Practices of Game Development

You are already familiar with the benefits and challenges of Android game design. I also informed you about the steps required to develop a game. Now, I will share with you some points that lea to the unique game experience. Following them will ensure your players spend a great time enjoying your game. 

Simple UI

Nowadays, speed plays a significant role in technological advances. Likewise, players want to be able to start the game and enjoy the exciting gaming experience immediately. Hence, you need to be minimalist in the formation of the User Interface. Players should spend the minimum time to start the actual game. Modern practice is a concise UI process that requires less effort to enjoy gaming. 

Maximum Compatibility

Android offers different devices. Usually, an Android game developer makes the game ‘compatible’ only by adjusting screen resolution. However, it is not enough. You need to create a game compatible with various configurations. Only in this way, your players can experience the same gaming performance across multiple devices. 

Background Tasks

While a player is in the care game, some background activities keep working. These activities are called asynchronous tasks. They are usually dealing with retrieving relevant data or processing big-size files. When a gamer is connected to the internet, those tasks are done without interrupting the performance of the game. 

Your main aim should be utilizing these tasks without bothering players. In this way, you can get information about performance, and meanwhile update new features. 

Battery Usage

We all enjoy playing the game. However, we need to sacrifice our battery for a thrilling gaming experience. The more advanced the game visuals, the more it consumes battery power. Therefore, a game with less power consumption is a dream of all players. You can achieve this advantage if developers focus only on proper graphics. A professional game development team will have a good understanding of saving battery. 

Uninterrupted Performance

uninterrupted performance

I freak out when my game interrupts. It is especially annoying if you play a real-time strategy game. If you work with reliable developers, they know how to create uninterrupted gaming performance. All they should do is controlling when the data should be saved. Sometimes this problem also occurs when we stop the game, or we lose internet connection. Saving the progress will ensure that the game loop keeps the same after any technical issues happen. 


Nowadays, people prefer multiplayer options in games. They like inviting their friends through social media. Hence, focusing on real-time multiplayer games can be your strategic advantage. Google will also help you in this target by its Google Nearby function. It provides proximity between gamers on a single platform. 

Stallion Gaming

Having a professional and reliable Android game development company is the key to success. If you have a great idea and less expertise in this field, you should contact Stallion Gaming now. The company involves a team of highly experienced, best Android game developers, designers, and artists who will bring your idea into reality in the shortest possible time. Android game design has never been so easy with the help of Stallion Gaming. Besides, the company also ensures that every stage is communicated to the client. Therefore, you should not worry that the final version of the game will be different from what you imagined. The team prides itself on extensive customer care and a high level of professionalism - all just what you need now!