It is not a secret that during the last few decades, people’s interest in iGaming increased. iGaming is also known as online gaming, and it involves betting some value for the outcomes of particular events. These events might include games, like online casino or poker, that are the results of casino game development in an online environment. The iGaming industry is one of the most profitable sectors. In 2015 the industry generated almost 13 billion $ revenue only in the UK. It is worth to mention that one of the most preferred sectors of iGaming is online casino games. You cannot win great rewards if you do not risk in considerable amounts. Now imagine what you can earn if you decide to take the highest risk and to build your own casino game.  

The profitability of the industry might be tempting. It can make you dive into the market and launch your game idea immediately. However, you should know some tips about casino game development before you start developing. People usually prefer casino games because it involves chance, skill, ambiguity, excitement, adrenalin, risk, and most importantly, the highest payoffs. Some people might perceive ‘risk’ as a negative issue. However, if you are a talented player, you have already known that the higher the risk, the higher the return. 

How to Build your Own Casino Game?

We have already discussed that online casino games are the lucrative parts of the iGaming industry. First and foremost, if you want to build your own casino game, you should consider that it is not an easy piece of cake. Casino software development requires complete dedication and innovative content. In addition, knowledge of cutting- edge-technology, attractive features, and fresh ideas are required. Your game should be engaging and easy to play, together with applicability to various platforms, including IOS, Android, Windows, etc.  That is why you should be ready to invest a lot of financial resources, time, and energy to build your own casino game. Though the process is challenging, you sure will be successful and enjoy profits if you follow the steps and tips mentioned below.

Know your Audience

build your own casino game

To develop a successful game, you should understand that the software should suit the needs of players. You might have many ideas, but if they do not fit the wants of gamers, your game will not grab much attention. You should find different segments and allocate your audience based on the characteristics of those segments. So, how should you allocate your audience? There has been some research to aid this decision. One of those researches claims that young audience, specifically, males, should be the target for skill-based games.

In terms of chance-based games, older female players show great interest. However, nowadays, this trend also changes due to the increased usage of online casino software. As it is easy to access these games from everywhere and try it for free, males also paid more attention to them. We can conclude that players of both genders demonstrate increased interest. Therefore, your game has to be attractive to both of them. 

Besides, when you launch your software and get players, you should be able to keep them. For being able to make them continue playing, you should plan your offers and techniques while you build your own casino game. Among your players, there will be a “whales” group, “evangelists” etc. The former is the category of people who generally spend 10 times more than your average player’s bet. The latter is the one who promotes your game, invites his friends, actively plays, and makes comments or feedback. If you want to create a successful game, you should take care of those categories of players. Think about unique offers or additional features to increase the retention rate of them. That type of little tweaks will stimulate loyalty, too. People will not only keep playing your casino game but also invite their friends to try the best gaming experience.

Anticipate Trends

As the casino gaming industry, especially turn-based strategy games, is a high-growth industry with unimaginable revenues, the trends of casino game development fluctuates a lot. Before entering this sector, you should carry extensive research. This research should indicate not only the current trends but also the anticipated patterns of the future. If you can predict what will be the next essential issue for players, you can grab their attention quickly. In addition, research should include threats to your casino game.

For instance, it is anticipated that major platforms, like Facebook, put much attention to gambling and look for ways to start real-money gambling in different countries. You can also be the first one who embraces a new trend, let’s say adds a unique feature. Then you will enjoy the first-mover advantage, and your software will instantly become popular. If you want to build your own casino game, you should think ahead about the ways to compete with those giants.


You have probably watched movies which have similar scenarios, but they all are famous and loved. This strategy of copying the winner or imitating the successful content might work in Hollywood; however, it will not work in a casino. Many games in online casinos are copies of others. In addition, once the game is launched, the developers barely add any new features or update the software to fit it to different segments of players. Besides, do not confuse inspiring with imitating. While you enjoy certain games, new ideas may come to your mind. Your preferred games, their themes, designs, and features might inspire you to build your own casino game. Make sure that your idea does not duplicate the already existing winner. If you come up with a brilliant software idea, you will be able to reap billions for your creative thinking.

It will be a huge mistake if you try to create the same feeling that the industry giants already achieved. You should think about your unique offer and what makes you different from your competitors. Try to find new themes, unexpected features and fresh elements that will make your game stand out. Pay close attention to the design or music. Try to understand what feelings and emotions your game will evoke. With such types of changes, you sure will create a new addiction for your players and a fortune for you.

Make it Comfortable

build your own casino game

It is not a secret that sometimes our favorite games or apps do not feel the same in different platforms. When you change the gadget you use, or move from Android to IOS, the gaming experience also changes. However, the good news is that you can solve this problem for your players by joining Android game development to IOS or vice-versa. All you need to do is to build your own casino game on one platform and then port it to others, such as HTTP, Android or any social media website.

In addition, it will lead to many conveniences for you and your audience. Firstly, the uniform user interface will ensure that players will always feel the same about your game. Moreover, you will get access to a wider number of players across many types of platforms, which will increase your potential player base. Besides, creating a core version and then porting is much cheaper and quicker to update.

The other issue, which usually bothers a player and makes them leave, is difficult rules. When we say you should make your software unique, it does not mean you should add complicated strategies and rules to the game. Keep in mind that your players should understand the game during as little time as one minute. If your game is overwhelming, they may just leave because players engage in your game to have fun, too. Think about slot game development-fun, easy, and rewarding.

How difficult should your game be to play?

Even if your game is simple to understand, or at least you think so, make sure that you offer them all the help needed. Of course, during the testing stage of casino game development, you will get feedback about the difficulty level of your game and how to improve it. However, it is always best to provide other services to aid new players. One of those services is customer service. In fact, many games which lost the competition paid little or no attention to customer service.  

On some occasions, people create games and just forget about it. They think launching and marketing the game would be enough. However, the reality is that many of your players will face troubleshooting. Though your game is engaging and fun, they may decide to quit due to technical challenges or ambiguity. While you build your own casino game, do not ignore customer services. It can be done through email, phone, or live chat on the website. Make sure that new players have someone to ask their questions. Your players will feel that you care for them and in this way, you will ensure retention and loyalty.

Beta Test

When you want to build your own casino game, do not rush to launch it to the whole audience. Although you carry extensive research for your game before releasing it, the best feedback will be collected from actual players. The reason is that you view the game from a revenue perspective, while the casino game development team views it from a game developer point of view. Neither of you is the targeted segments of the game, hence, your comments might not be as helpful as real players. A solution to this problem might include starting to launch your game in a few countries to test it. 

For example, some developers claim that Canada is a great place to test the game as the audience always gives detailed feedback. Therefore, running a beta test will help you know your audience more and develop your game taking their comments into account. Another way might involve visiting some forums and asking questions to players. You can ask them what their expectations are or what the players want to change in future games. You can even get the comments of some of them about your own game. Casino game development is challenging work; however, beta testing your project and valuing the opinions of players will lead to an increased probability of success.



Just like any other business, when you build your own casino game, you need to market it effectively. This includes preliminary research about the threats, opportunities, or players, mentioned before. However, it is not enough. Find which countries you want your game to be available or in which languages will you launch your game. Moreover, you should also define your game in terms of differences from your competitors. Think hard over what makes your game different from others. Alternatively, you can ask your casino game development team to aid you with the points of differences. Besides, you should choose your target players based on their preferences, demographics or user behaviors. Later, the right type of marketing and promotion tools need to be chosen, so that, you deliver your message, idea or content to the target segment in an effective way.


Now let’s pass to the fun part of the casino game development. You put so much effort, invest your financial resources, and now, you need to get your profit. First, you should understand the ways that bring revenues. If you develop real money casino games, players can play in some app currencies, and you earn the revenue. Keep in mind that two best game types - poker, and casino, generate the highest profits for their owners. On the other hand, you can get revenue from the ad replacement.

While you build your own casino game, you can use both paid advertising and app currency method; however, it is better to use one for replacing another. In other words, if you have “whales” among your players, who bet a lot in high quantities, it would be for your good not to show ads to them. In fact, it can even irritate your players and make them switch your game to another one.

How to choose the best development company?

Now that you are familiar with which issues you should pay attention to; it is time to choose the best casino game development company. A reliable and experienced company will consider all the above-mentioned issues during the planning stage. All you should do is describing your gaming ideas and request them to build your own casino game. In these terms, it would be a great mistake if I do not represent the possibilities that Stallion Gaming offers to you. With its slot, real-money and poker game development, Stallion Gaming offers high-quality casino games developed by their professional team with the help of cutting-edge technology.

One of the focus areas of Stallion Gaming is slot game development. Slot games might seem simple; however, it requires extensive attention on design and theme. Our team first will discuss with you the number of reels, pay lines or bonuses. They develop the games just like you want and frequently ask for your feedback. By this way, they ensure that the final game is just what you have dreamt of. On the other hand, if you want to build your own casino game in the form of a poker game, Stallion Gaming offers you all you need. 



Whether you would want your game in a 3D version or live-action, our team is ready to create it as quickly as possible. Our designers pay close attention to the colors of the game or the designs of the cards. You can get your game developed for Android, Mac, IOS platforms or even for PlayStation. Our poker games will ensure that players do not move far from the table. Next, you can also build your own casino game by utilizing our Real-money casino game development. We consider all the details of the game and create high-standard graphics, visuals, and sounds.  We ensure that the payment methods and bets are secure and easy to do.

Before launching the game, we go through all the steps of the game and ensure that they work flawlessly. What makes Stallion Gaming even more attractive is that we help you with monetization and promotion. Our team also communicates every decision and each stage during the development process and get your approval. Besides, bear in mind that we are experts in unity, strategy and mobile game development, too. It may seem difficult to build your own casino game from scratch; however, with Stallion Gaming, we will turn this extremely challenging process into a delicious piece of cake for you.