Character creation can be the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to video game development. Some would even argue that character creation is the process that brings your video games to life. Other aspects of game development are just seen as efforts to create the settings. This, of course, can be debated. 

Character creation, in general, has come a long way from its early days. Before video game development was even possible, you were able to see abstract character creations in movies, commercials, cartoons, and more. But the advancements in video game development has allowed character designers to create some truly iconic and memorable characters. The point of this article is to explore some of the untold secrets of character creation that you may have never known. So, let's dive in!

The sky's the limit!

Many designers will start their character creation from scratch. This could mean doing simple sketches of your character. Most experts agree that this initial stage is where the true essence of a character is developed. You could even be working on something as simple as mobile game development. It doesn't matter; your character should be unique. It's critical not to lose your magic when it comes to character creation. 

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to creating the initial sketches and brainstorming. The sky's the limit, but when you have passed those initial stages, it's recommended that you bring it a little more down to earth and stick to your ideas. Unless you think of something revolutionary during a long shower, do not go rogue during the development process. Holding to your original thoughts will only allow you to perfect your already great character. 

Also, it's good to note that when starting your character creation, you should not get stuck on small details. That perfection stage will come later at the end of your development. Making sure to know what it is you are trying to communicate to players should be your primary concern. The reason for this is, through these set communication goals, you can start to create the movements of your character. Your character's acting and flow will depend heavily on how they should communicate with your players and the surrounding world. When you start to tighten up your character movements at an early stage, you will have a hard time adding them later. So make sure to have as much life early on as possible!

A Solid Backstory is Vital


Some game developers would think that a solid backstory is not that important when it comes to character creation. You cannot believe how wrong they are for thinking that. The backstory of any character will define his or her motives and actions. Imagine starting a video game and not knowing why in the world your character is so angry with everyone, or likes to murder and so on. Some experts would even argue that backstory development will already set the guidelines for your game character design. As you develop the story, the character will start to take shape. 

Another argument for the importance of a good backstory is related more to real-life people than game characters. Everyone perceives information and events differently than others. Take yourself, for example; if you have any siblings, then you will better understand the argument. When met with some information, it is highly likely that you will process the events differently from your brother or sister. This is especially true for members of the opposite sex. Knowing that everyone processes information in a unique way, you should be able to create a backstory that is going to leave a different impression on everyone.   

The process of information digesting is a very elaborate topic, and should be saved for another article. It should, however, help to give you an idea about the importance of a solid backstory. There is no limit to how deep a backstory you can create. As long as your audience will enjoy it, and it won't bore them to death, it's okay. Remember, the deeper your backstory, the more significant the impact you will leave on your players. 

The Little Things

There are subtle ways of giving your character more life in game art design. These slight improvements can be seen as the best way to fully develop your character and give it the personality it needs. This aspect doesn't only apply to humanoid character creation. It can also be used to create particular creatures and everything in between.

Imagine, for example, a beastly creature that you are looking to create. If it is the main hero in the game, then you can make simple additions that will make it forever memorable for players. If your creature is known to be heroic and fights to protect people or others, you can add things like simple scars that it has gained from other battles and so on. But create those scars in a way that's not too intimidating. So a player gets a sense of heroism and comfort when playing as your character. Take, for example, Kratos from the game God Of War. He is a well built and battle-worn character that is known by both players and non-players alike. His stubble beard and war paint set him apart from the enemies he encounters in-game. 

You can also go for a character creation that has its personality like a gentleman with a suit and tie. Besides the apparent suit, you can add a clean face and sleek hair that gives the impression of a professional. Even if your character does not show it, a player will get the idea that he can handle business, and has done it many times. 

Adding a solid backstory to a well-made character, will help you achieve the impossible when it comes to character creation. In the end, you will create a character that will remain with players well after they have finished playing your game. 

Aura matters

There is often an aspect of character creation that many video game designers overlook, and that is the aura the playable character gives to gamers. Your character should be fun to play as; not a jolly singing, but entertaining personality. The player should enjoy spending time as the character you have created. In some ways, he or she should care about the playable character. If your game depends heavily on storytelling, this becomes even more important. This makes it essential to work on character creation that makes personalities that are both fun to look at, and to play as. A negative character can actually push your player base away, rather than to bring them closer. You might even have a game that has sub-par visuals, but with a great emphasis on character creation, your game can outsell those with good visuals. 


Character creation has come a long way over the years. No matter how old the practice is, there is always room left for improvement. Utilizing modern tools, and the core character creation methods, you can create one of the best personalities ever to hit the video game market. You could even create characters that have more life than real people! Referring to memorable games, it is easy to see that most of them were made famous thanks to great character creation. Keep in mind to never rush the character development phase, but actually spend more time on it. In the end, you might end up with the next Kratos or Snake, who knows!